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Why de Boer

We use our total solutions to create a better supply chain

While our world is shrinking steadily, the logistics flow of goods just keeps swelling. Market pressures are increasing. Logistics need to be increasingly efficient and cheaper, but lack of capacity also results in less and less predictability and thus, reliability. De Boer Group breaks out of this vicious cycle with smarter, more transparent processes.

Better insight, greater certainty

We provide total solutions. This is possible thanks to our thorough knowledge of and insight into the supply chain. We know the lines of communication. That means we can predict exactly when you should place an order to have the goods in your warehouse on time, what procedures you need to complete and which modes of transportation you should combine. We eliminate uncertainty and provide insight, improving your control over your logistics processes. That way, you can rest assured you’ll be able to meet your promises to your clients. It’s good for business, and boosts your customers’ trust.

Because we believe there’s a smarter way

Could your logistics arrangements be smarter? In most cases, they could. We’re also happy to offer advice on where improvements could be made. Or need to be. We’ll set up your logistics to be smarter, more efficient and less uncertain. When we perform an audit, we review your processes. We go through all aspects of your logistics and then present an improvement proposal. In less than two weeks, because we understand the need for speed. We can also support you in applying reverse charge VAT. We know exactly which steps are required.

I want to optimize

Getting your goods through customs
without delay

Your containers travel across the world. That means your goods also pass through various customs offices. This can lead to delays. Thanks to our knowledge of customs procedures, we can offer you appropriate advice. We also have all the necessary authorizations. We have an AEO certificate, ensuring you receive priority at customs and inspections will be less strict. You will experience fewer hold-ups and your transportation takes place faster and more efficiently.

Efficient consolidation
for a smaller footprint

Our branches in China and France mean we can provide decentralized solutions and even better protection of your interests. Thanks to our physical presence, we can arrange manufacturing adjustments faster and more easily, stay in control at all times and maintain an impressively large network. We also combine multiple modes of transportation. By combining transportation by air, sea, rail and inland waterways, we assure you of the best, most affordable solutions. Furthermore, we have truck staging locations near various container terminals and coordinate the reception and delivery of loads ourselves. We will explore the most efficient combination to suit your circumstances with you.

When unforeseen events occur, we are on the spot

We respond to developments and changing circumstances and offer creative solutions. At the same time, flexibility is essential in this business. If unforeseen events cause a delay, we are on the spot. We will figure out a custom solution to your problems. That’s because as well as knowledge and skills, we also have plenty of resources to transport your goods ourselves. If your arrangements prove insufficient, our trucks can make up the difference. That means we can act quickly in the event of urgent transportation needs.