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Supply chain management

Because we know everything there is to know about supply chains

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Having goods shipped from the factory to your warehouse. While in the old days, you simply hired a hauler, logistics have become much more complicated since then. As market demand has grown, so has the pressure on processes. Forecasting is more important than ever. By taking a different approach to logistics, we can achieve a more efficient supply chain. Now and in the future.

We consider every link in the chain

To arrange your logistics processes efficiently, you must first have knowledge and insight. We chart every link in the supply chain and include your schedule in our systems. That way, we know what to expect and can improve your logistics arrangements more easily. Suppliers, storage dimensions, mode of transportation, customs procedures. We take everything into account. Only by clarifying all the details can we assure you of an optimal workflow.

Shorter lines of communication, greater certainty

Thanks to our supply chain knowledge, we can optimize your logistics processes. What’s more, we can also supervise and coordinate them. Thanks to our branches in France and China, we have a firmer grasp of such processes and can protect your interests more easily. Our people on the ground stay in close contact with suppliers, ensuring quick access to accurate scheduling information. We maintain our own warehouses, can make sure your forwarding goes without a hitch, and have our own trucks.

Custom service if needed

Even we can’t control everything. If there’s no more room for your containers on board a vessel, we’ll look for the next best solution. We won’t waste time devising one either. Thanks to all the relevant knowledge captured by our system, we can be flexible in our quest for alternatives. We provide custom service, even when circumstances change unexpectedly.