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We are De Boer Transport

experts with
a down-to-earth mindset

We are De Boer Group. A third-generation family business with branches in the Netherlands, France and China.

Most of all, we’re a family business with an entrepreneurial mindset and a drive to provide our customers with true long-term solutions. As long as we’ve existed, we’ve made sure to respond to trends in the marketplace. We still do. We got our start transporting goods from A to B locally. Since then, we have become a global player with a wealth of knowledge regarding the supply chain. We can say with confidence that we have become experts in the smarter arrangement of logistics processes. Moreover, we can also supervise and coordinate them.

Because we like to start
at the source

We still handle that type of transportation as well as we ever did. These days, however, we are much more than just ‘that trucking company.’ Transportation is only part of the service we offer nowadays. We prefer to provide our customers with a total solution. We like to start at the source and sit down with our customers to figure out ways to genuinely help them. We have the knowledge and skills to arrange their logistics processes more efficiently. With less uncertainty, better predictability and the greatest possible cost savings. Furthermore, we have a thorough knowledge of the complicated regulations governing reverse charge VAT and customs procedures. By eliminating tricky administrative obstacles, we can relieve our customers of their cares and speed up their transportation.

I want to optimize

Big enough to cope,
small enough to care

That’s really the best way to describe us. We can provide all your logistics solutions and are familiar with every link of the supply chain. Just like the big players. At the same time, we are flexible and adaptable enough to offer custom solutions and resolve non-standard logistics issues. We understand that sometimes, creative or inventive solutions are what’s needed. We take a practical, down-to-earth approach to finding the best solution and smooth the way, ensuring their transportation is soon underway. However good the arrangement of that supply chain may be, at the end of the day logistics are still about people.

Smarter for greater sustainability

Transportation by air, sea, rail and over inland waterways. We combine different modes of transportation. That way we can offer our customers smart, efficient transportation, save costs, reduce road congestion and minimize our carbon footprint.

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